Glass Mirror and Mirrored Furniture Specialist in China

Are you still looking for mirrors or mirrored furniture to adorn your home or hotel? Ruijing Glass can offer custom decorations solutions as a professional glass furniture manufacturer. Our products can be made from optional composite materials such as glass, MDF, iron wire, PU, resin, stainless steel, etc. Incorporated in 2003, our company is a leader in the glass industry. We now supply thousands of types of products such as modern mirrors, classic mirrors, rustic mirrors, mirrored candelabrum, mirrored photo frames, decorative lights, and mirrored furniture. Our furniture includes side tables, coffee tables, and drawer cabinets. As a Chinese glasswork expert, Ruijing Glass has over a decade of professional experience and a strong development team. We develop an average of 100 types of new home supplies a month, while simultaneously accepting the drawings provided by clientele. We try to meet the needs of clients with customization and mass production services. More
    1. Modern Mirror

      The modern mirror is extremely popular in a fast-paced life. It prioritizes the perfect combination of spatial layout and function. The simple mirror with streamlined frame reveals a strong sense of fashion, thus being suitable for home and hotel applications.

    1. Classic Mirror

      The classic mirror combines romantic nostalgia with the needs of modern people for life. It reveals sumptuous elegance and modern style. As a kind of cosmetic mirror, this product highlights simple lines and decent decoration.

    1. Rustic Mirror

      The rustic mirror is designed with understated color and shape. As a comfort-oriented decoration, it fully reveals a simple country style. Owing to vintage shape and stylish lines, this product gives prominence to its natural features.

    1. Mirrored Table

      The mirrored table is one of indispensable furniture found in every home. It functions as either a daily necessity or an artwork. Also, it can be used as restaurant furniture or bar furniture. Different styles of home furniture may affect the whole home style. Ruijing Glass is good at the manufacture of glasswork using different composite materials.

    1. Decorative Pendant Light

      The decorative pendant light is a graceful and vintage style interior chandelier. With all-around reflective glass, it allows light to be exposed to each corner in a room.

    1. Mirrored Jewelry Box

      The mirrored jewelry box supplied by Ruijing Glass is a type of customized glasswork. Both PU jewellery box and glass jewelry case are available in our company.